Any condition, which causes an appropriate or exaserated reaction by the bodies’ own immune reaction. In this mechanism, some times harmless substances become potentially dangerous and causes release of antibodies & substances like stamine which produce profound reaction.

The reaction includes: -

- Rash
- Swelling
- Fever
- Simeshing
- Sneezing
- Asthmatic attack
- Nuance
- Low blood pressure, swelling of throat, pain in abdomen & diarrhea.

Investigation-: Done through thin tasting by putting a very small arrow of allergies under the skin & the reaction is monitored through blood test.

Medicines-: Comprising constitution treatment to correct the imbalance in the body.

Main medicines that are in use are-:

APIS- If there is swelling in the upper part of the body like face, eyes, lips, mouth.
ASENIC ALS. - Allergic cold with sneezing & fever but along with thirst.
CALC. CARC. – Allergic reaction of slim & mucus membrane.
CARCINOSIN- Multiple reaction.
ALLIUM CEPA- Watering from eyes & nose.
ARUNDO- Itchiness around nose & pallid with sneezing.
WYETCHIA- Itchiness of the nose and pallid with itchiness of tongue.
ARUMTRIPH- Crack lips and hose ness.

These medicines are effective when the allergens are avoided in the diet & lifestyle.
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