Amenorhea (Absent menses)

Absence of menses period can be primary & secondary. Primary amenorhea is when periods have not started till age of 16. Secondary amenorhea is when menses have established & periods suddenly stop. The cause can be related to mind or related to body. Since pituitary gland in main organ to have control over our menstrual period, by secretion of the “stimulating hormones”, hypothalamus in its “Big Boss” which releases the “releasing hormones”. On the other hand, hypothalamus in regulated by some factors like traveling, emotions, and etc. all affect the hypothalamus & hence the pituitary and thus your menstrual. But there can be pathological cause of delayed period like retro averted uterine, after childbirth. Hence medicinal treatment depends on your caution & symptoms.

They are grouped as: -

Aconite: If amenorhea comes after a huge shock & anxiety. This comes until a feeling of heaviness in ovaries region and shocking hand of pain in the uterine region. Vagina of the lady is sensitive and a dry feeling prevails in it.

Ignatia: If a strong grief is a major factor in stoppage of periods. There are mood swings so that lady suddenly laughs and sometimes suddenly cries. There are other accompanying symptoms that feel like lump in throat, headache in temporal region with a feeling of nail driven in the head.
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