A sudden pain in the cardiac region, which goes to the left arm, stomach upto throat to chin, is referred as angina. It is call of the nature that your heart is not able to work properly due to lack of oxygen supply. The oxygen supply is reduces due to narrowing of arteries of the heart so called coronary artery. Many people refer if as hearty pain by a feeling of thousands of loads in place over the cardiac region & in compressing the heart. The person becomes restless, anxious, suffocated & a fear develops in mind due to reduce supply of blood to the body and brain by the heart. It is an energy conditions that has to be teached with great care & burden. Angina generally proceeds to heart attack, which can cause permanent heart damage. Few medicines are of great help in this energy conditions & they are: -

1) Arsenic all
2) Aconite
3) Carbo veg
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