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Sharwan Kumar

F-131, Parshant Vihar


I was suffering from many warts on my face Dr. R. L. Khullar gave Medicine to me and my warts were removed in two and half month I am very thankful to Dr. R.L. Khullar thanking you


Asheesh Goyal

Rx-2, Gali No, 1, Subhash Park Extn. Uttam Nagar New Delhi-110059


I had lots of warts on my face. I tried lots of medicines but no results come out. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Doctor say there is no medicine for this but only solution is cut by laser. Now hopefully I found Dr. Khullar Sir, he gave me medicine only. And now all warts removed completely. I am very happy now. Thanks Sir


Ruby Yadav



मेरा नाम रूबी है में nipple discharge proble से 10 साल से परेशान थी पर डॉ. खुल्लर से treatment करने पर सिर्फ 15 दिन में ही सही होने लगा thank you

May 2018

Vikas Sharma

541 PKT V Mayur Vihar – I Delhi – 110091

It is about my father who was suffering from seviour pain because of Malaria and after treatment with De. Khullar my father recovered well & I suggest for everyone to homeopathy with Dr. Khullar thank you very much Dr. Saheb


Mr. Sarwesh Yadav

R2/L-169, Vijay Enclave ND-110045


I was Suffering from multiple warts on my face. With Dr. Khullar Medicine all warts were gone within 2-3 Months.


Miss Deepa

68, Professor Colony, Mathura


I was suffering from kidney stone & ovarian cysts. I got medicine from Dr. R.L. Khullar and both the troubles were cured.


Mr. Rohit



मेरा नाम रोहित है मेरे मुंह पर बहुत सारे मस्से थे हर जगह दिखाया पर कोई आराम नहीं आया फिर डॉ. खुल्लर को दिखाया तो 15 दिन में मस्से ठीक हो गए और में डॉ. खुल्लर को बहुत दिल से धन्यवाद करता हूँ


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Mohd. Asif

H.No. A-375 PH-II Nangloi New Delhi-110041


I was suffering from many warts on my face Dr. R.L. Khullar gave me medicine all the warts disappear in a short time.


Jasmail kaur

Staff Qtr. – 4 state bank colony new Gurdwara Nanak Pio Model Town


I was suffering from many problems like the blood loss and other problems Dr. R.L. Khullar gave me medicine and all the problems solved in few months. Varicose veins cured


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Gaurav Mishra

E-67, Nawada Housing Complex Dwarka Mod Uttam Nagag Delhi 110030


I was suffering from many warts on may face Dr. R.L. Khullar dispatched medicine to me and the warts were expelled out in a short time.


Kundan Kumar

229/303 street no 3 Railway colony Mandawali – 110092


My wife was  suffering from a disease Improve her disease and everything is cured and feeling very well by advise of Dr. R.L. Khullar








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Haider Ali

240 2nd floor Abul Fagal Enclave Okhla Jamia Nagar New Delhi-110025


I was suffering from genital warts Dr. Khullar treated me and my all warts has been disappeared within two months and  I want to thank Dr. Saheb


Shalini Singh

G-25, Preet Vihar


I Was suffering from menstruation cycle problem from last year I preferred many Dr. But it didn’t get my solutions but Dr. R.L. Khullar medicine cure my problem totally.


Abhishek Kumar

C-113, Alpha 1, Greater Noida


I was suffering from abscess in underarm for 2 years after medicine from sir my problem is totally removed thank you sir Dr. R.L. Khullar


Shailendra Kumar

Flat No- 80 D, Metro Apartments Sector- 71, Noida – 201301


I was suffering for Erection Dysfunction since 2006. However Dr. Khullar treated me and I have overcome form this Disease. Now I am going to be a father.



C-304, Metro Vihar Shastri Park Delhi


I was suffering for carpel tunnel. I consulted in fortis hospital, Gurgaon which relived very temporary. I paid Rs. 2000 for consultation fee other than medicine charges. The I contacted Dr. Khullar which helped me to come out of this disease. Thank you sir.


Vikram Gulati

2/45, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi-27


My son Shaurya suffers from warts on hands, face and other parts of body. With Dr. Khullar’s medicines all warts have been vanish. The son is very happy now.


Chandra Shekhar Singh

B- Block 35/A Shish Ram Park, Uttam Nagar New Delhi

8873322461 email:

मेरा पुत्र हर्ष कुमार सिंह skin deseas से परेशान था वह रोग बचपन से था हमने हर जगह  इलाज कराया कहीं अच्छा नहीं हुआ हमने डॉ. खुल्लर जी के पास आया  और तीन माह में अच्छा हो गया जी हमने  दवा बंद कर दी  यहाँ बहुत अच्छा इलाज हुआ मैं बहुत खुश हुआ.


Sarvendra Singh

Old Rajindra Nagar
RML Hospital Dept. of Pathology Central Delhi


I was having Anxiety & went to several Doctors for this but with one dosage of Dr. Khullar, I get relief. Hope I will be cured.


Nidhi Sharma

10/504, East End Apartments, Delhi


I was facing Fungal Nail infection since my delivery. I took many medicines but it was getting only worse. The doctor suggested to remove my nail. This process is very painful. Luckily I met Dr. Khullar who cured me. I took medicines for 6 months & my nail is absolutely normal now. I was in Dubai & got medicines for long period.


Saurabh Kumar

607, Antriksh Green, GH-248, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, UP-201010


My son had been struggling with Asthma & skin infection since 3 years ago. With Dr. Khullar’s blessings my son is free of both the problems since last 1.5 years and running strong.


Gurmeet Singh

41, Ram Nagar, Delhi-110051


Dr. Khullar is not a doctor. In my views he is God. He can cure any type of Disease. May god give him long life.


Veer Dala

Sec 9, H.No. 1101 Bahadurgarh


I was suffering from genital warts All the warts were removed and cured with medicine provided by Dr. R.L. Khullar


Reema Sharma

10/504, Eastend apartments, Mayur Vihar 2, Delhi-76


My daughter in law suffered from nails disease. She was advised by allopathy for surgery. But she was cured from fungal disease of nails with Dr. R.L.Khullar’s treatment.


Sarita Lecturer Physics R.P.V.V, I.P. Estate

048, Savarkar Apartment, Plot No. 39, I.P. Estate.


I was suffering from lower back pain with tightness in nerves on left upper leg part. Weakness and tiredness all time. I feel perfectly all right now and thankful to Dr. R.L. Khullar. Now I have medicines fro my mother, sister and brother-in-law


Swati Jain

177, Agir Enclave, Delhi-110092


मेरा बेटा देवांश जैन एक महीने से खांसी, जुकाम से बीमार था एलोपैथिक दवाई से कोई आराम नहीं हो रहा था चार डॉ को दिखने के बाद भी कोई फर्क नहीं पढ़ रहा था फिर मुझे डॉ आर एल खुल्लर के बारे मैं पता चल जिससे 3 दिन मैं ही आराम पढ़ गया thanks to Dr. Khullar


Neetu Singh

F-35/1, Anam Enclave KArawal Nagar, Delhi-94


I Neetu Singh suffering from Kidney stone from last three months taken treatment from Dr Mr. R.L. Khullar & saying thank that I am satisfied with treatment & no kidney stone right now. Ultrasound dated 16/09/2017


Mr. Wafa Abbas

U-246, Shakarpur


मेरी आँखों का Twitching फड़कना (झपकना) जिसके कारण में बहुत परेशान रहता था फिर मुझे किसी और की दवा से आराम नहीं मिल रहा था जो की मुझे इनकी दवा से तुरंत आराम मिला मैं डॉ. आर एल
खुल्लर का धन्यवाद्
  करता हूँ


Kavita Tomar W/o Gaurav Sehrawat

G-6, 205 MKI, Indra Puram (Fitness Manager)


I was suffering from skin allergy from my childhood. Now I am very thankful to Dr. Khullar who get me freedom with in short time by homeopathy.


Nirmal Shahid

R-181, B/2, IInd Floor street no 9, Ramesh Park Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92


मेरे uterous में Fibroid था जिस से में बहुत परेशान था पर डॉ खुल्लर के इलाज से आज वो बिलकुल ख़त्म हो गया


Surndra Yadav
SRIT Logistics pvt. Ltd.

C-1/20, D.L.F colony Sahibabad UP-201005


मेरी बेटी का नाम गुनगुन है उसको आज से 9 साल पहले गर्दन में गाढ़ हो गया था मुझे डॉ ने ऑपरेशन करने को बोला था लेकिन में डॉ खुल्लर के पास आया और दवा से मेरी बेटी ठीक हो गयी और वो आज क्लास 4 में है

मेरी भतीजी को spinal code में problem थी उसे झारखण्ड से बुलाकर डॉ खुल्लर से इलाज करवाया  आज वो अच्छी है


Parkash Kaur

E-80, South Anar Kali Delhi-110051


मेरे भांजे को दूध से एलर्जी थी अगर दूध की एक बूँद भी अंग पर लग जाती थी तो उसकी आँखों में सूजन हो जाती थी आँखों के अंदर का (lid) बाहर आ जाता था 10 साल तक बहुत इलाज कराया लेकिन कहीं से भी आराम नहीं आया फिर डॉ खुल्लर जी की दवाई से उसे एक महीने में ही आराम आ गया


Parkash Kaur

E-80, South Anar Kali Delhi-110051


मेरे नाती (बेटी का बेटा) को गेहूं से एलर्जी थी बहुत ही इलाज करवाया लेकिन आराम नहीं आया फिर डॉ खुल्लर से इलाज करवाने पर तीन महीने के कोर्स से वह ठीक हो गया.



1405, Bazar Sita Ram, Delhi-110006


My mother got fever due to chikungunya in 2011. After treatment no fever but other effects of chikungunya virus was there in her body and due to which she was suffering from joint pain from past 6 years. In march 2017 she started her treatment from Dr. Khullar and within a month she was in the state of relief. Thanks a lot Dr. Khullar.

Aug 2017

Ankur Gaur

D-102A South Ganesh Nagar- II Delhi 110092


मेरी किडनी में 10mm की पथरी थी डॉ खुल्लर की दवाई से ख़त्म हो गयी


Rajwal singh

Vill – Bhurda Post Phase – II Noida=201305
Permanent Address: Vill-Kalyanpur city Dhariwal Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab


मेरी 14mm की गुर्दे की पथरी डॉ खुल्लर की दवाई से ठीक हो गयी अब टेस्ट अल्ट्रासाउंड की रिपोर्ट से पता चला है की ख़त्म हो गयी है मैं ऑपरेशन से बच गया


Amitabha Bednath

B-22, Gali No. 10 Devkunj Raj Nagar Part-II New Dada Dev Mandi Palam Delhi-110007


I had warts on my face nearly 20 to 30 for last 4 years. I visited several homeopathic doctors but all in vain. First visit and 20 days medicine by dr. Khullar I cannot hardly see my warts unbelievable but it is true. It was like God came and removed all overnight. Heartiest wishes and all the best Sir.



A-5, Vidhan Sabha Delhi


My Son Divit was suffering from typhoid & didn’t get relief from allopathic. Dr. Khullar’s homeopathy medicines cured him fully. Thank you so much.


Madan Lal Dhingra

3D/78 NIT Faridabad


मेरे सिर में मस्सा develop हो गया था बहुत Allopethic homeopathic  इलाज कराये ठीक ही नहीं हो रहा था size  बढ़ता ही जा रहा था मैंने डॉ खुल्लर से 4 महीने इलाज कराया मेरे सिर का मस्सा जड़ से गायब हो गया
मेरे पिताजी डाइबिटिक हैं वह bed ridden हो गए थे चलना फिरना मुश्किल हो गया था बड़ी मुश्किल से walker ले कर चलते थे उनको भी डॉ खुल्लर से इलाज प्रारम्भ किया walker  छूट गयी दो महीने के इलाज के बाद आराम से चल रहे हैं डॉ खुल्लर को हार्दिक रूप से आभार ईश्वर उन्हें दीर्घायु दे ताकि हम जैसे लोगों के दुःख दूर होते रहें.



Santosh Sharma


I have been suffering from vitilgo from since my childhood. But when I was stated treatment from Dr. Khullar I have so much improvement on my white patches I am hopeful that one day it will all get removed thanks to Dr. Khullar


Aditi Kumar
G-1201, sec -61 Pioneer Park Gurgaon


I was having hemorroides from a long time but when I took dr. Khullar’s medicine it got healed completely. Thanks so much!!

12.06.2017 Manoj Agarwal Vidhya Vihar, Ghaziabad 9810285579 I was suffering from intense migrane pain attacks since 1997 on a weekly basis due to various stress and tensions and was incurable. But with Dr. Khullar’s medications from the very second month the migrane attack ended. I am grateful to his help in easing me.
14.06.2017 Ajit Ranjan H.No. 36 Andrews Ganj South Extn. New Delhi-11049 9718004594 There were many warts on my face. I take medicine from Dr. Khular all the warts come out with their roots and fell down leaving my face neat and clean.
14.06.2017 समर्थ H.No. 590 चंडीगढ़ रोड, लुधियाना फ़ोन न. 9115728357 समर्थ को व्हीट (गेंहू) एलर्जी थी डॉ खुल्लर की दवाई से एलर्जी ठीक हो गयी


Ritu Katyal

67, Rishabh Vihar


There were many warts on my son’s foot, I was very worried, then I took medicine from Dr. R.L. Khullar and in only 2 weeks all warts got vanished. I am very grateful to Dr. Khullar.


Reyansh Singh
S/o Mr. Ratnesh Singh

43 C, 3rd Floor kilokari New Delhi 94


It’s my friends details & feedback which I share with u. We gave them reference of Dr. Khullar to them for their baby constipation treatment which they trying to treat from last one and half year from many hospitals but fail and finally they got the best result and treatment from Mr. Khullar. Thanks to him .I am here mention the hospitals from  where they disappointed (BHU Banaras, Fortis Hospital , Kailash Hospital . regards Sanjay  Rawat  9654740883



Sunil Arora

3082, Beverly hills apptt. Geeta colony Delhi-110031


Due to loss in business I was suffering from depression. Dr. Khullar treatment I got new life.


Shweta Arora

3082, Beverly hills apptt. Geeta colony Delhi-110031


My daughter Shweta suffered from chronic allergy all over the body with red rashes. Thanks to Dr. Khullar for curing her perfectly.


Kamal Arora

3082, Beverly hills apptt. Geeta colony Delhi-110031


My wife was suffering from total voice loss. We tried treatment from EPT & General physician without any result. Dr. Khullar correctly diagnosed and treated her with great care and her voice was completely restored. I am very much thankful Dr. Khullar. God bless him.


Suman Garg

O11/41, old Rajinder Nagar Delhi


I was suffering from scalp follicultis since two years. I took Dr. Khullar‘s medicine & well now. I am very grateful to him for this.


Pravin Kumar Yadav

B-22 Subhash chowk, Luxmi Nagar , Delhi


I have ulcerative callosity and do not gain weight. After my treatment going toDr. Khullar my weight gain (45-62kg) and my ulcer is removed. Thank you Dr. Khullar


Atul Kumar Tiwari

01/1970, Arawali Apartments Sector-52, Noida 201301


I have warts on my middle finger near nails. I have taken treatment from Dr. KhullarI successfully recovered from warts disease.



Radhe Mohan Girls Hostel, Ber Sarai, New Delhi


Dr. Khullar is the best doctor. I have problem related to hair fall and now I am happy because of his medicine has great results and now hair fall ratio is very less. I will suggest others also to come here.


Ajit kumar Bhatt

ग्रा + पो दारानगर जिला कौशाम्बी इलाहाबाद


मेरे सिर के बाल व दाढ़ी मूंछे सारे बाल चले गए थे डॉ साहब के नेट पर सर्च किया फिर डॉ साहब के पास आया डॉ साहब से तीन महीने की दवाई ली उससे मुझे आराम समझ में आया अब मेरे पूरे बाल आ गए हैं डॉ खुल्लर की दवाओं से


Rahul Kumar

I/308, Kasturba Nagar, New Delhi


मेरे चेहरे पर छह बड़े बड़े मस्से थे मैंने डॉ खुल्लर को दिखाया जिनसे उपचार के बाद मस्से ठीक हो गए पूर्णता जड़ से गिर गए


Madhu Sharma

J-59 bata II Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar 201308


शर्मा नार्मल नहीं थी मेरा लीवर ठीक से काम नहीं कर रहा था मेरे शरीर में खुजली और दर्द होता था खाना  भी बिलकुल नहीं पचता था डॉक्टर ने मन कर दिया था फिर डॉ खुल्लर साहब के बारे में सुना और उनसे होम्योपैथिक दवाई एक महीने ली थोड़ा आराम मिला और फिर छह महीने की दवाई से बिलकुल ठीक हो गयी डॉ कुल्लर मेरे लिए भगवान् हैं उनका धन्यवाद् जो मुझे नया जीवन दी दिया अब मैं बिलकुल ठीक हूँ  मधु शर्मा



Tenzin Sangnoo (from Tibet originally)

H-30, Bidh Vihar (monastery) near Kashmiri Gate ISBT


Dr. Khullar is the best doctor I have seen in my entire life. His medicines are like miracles for everyone. Even though his kid or adult. I would like to tell everyone this he is the best in both economically & no side effect. cheers for Dr. Khullar



Sunmit Singhal

WA 109 U/G A-I shakarpur Delhi-92


Dr. Khullar is the best doctor for my hair. मेरे सिर के बाल गंजे हो गए थे डॉक्टर साहब से दो महीने दवाई लेने के बाद सिर पर बाल उग आये और गंजापन ख़त्म हो गया



Ashok Aggarwal

156, Chitra vihar, Delhi-92


My old psoriasis was cured by Dr. Kullar in the yar 2012 and I feel comfortable now. Sometimes due to season changing irritation persist which is also cured after taking medicine.


Prem Anand

4/153 Gali No. 4, Laxmi Nagar


My old sinusitis & Migraine is cured after taking medicine which is preferred by Dr. R.L. Khullar within very short time.    


Akash Deep sinha

N-353, Jalvayu Vihar, Noida-201301


I was suffering from cevier ulcerative s colitis. First I had treatment in P.S.R.I. But after taking treatment here. My colitis way totally cured



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Jarrannum Irfan


Hair Fall reduced, Time Saving packing Thank You


Chetan Prakash
F.No. C-304, Metro vihar, Shastri Park, Delhi-53


I have 11mm stone in uretter of right kidney. Allopathic doctors had suggested a surgery for it. But with the treatment of Dr. Khullar it got removed automatically within 3 months. I am highly thankful to Dr. Khullar. May he serve the society forever. Thank you


Amarpreet Singh

H-32, Naveen Shahdara


I was suffering for ulcerative colitis in abdominal. Treatment by Gastro specialist and Medanta Hospital for 4 years made my condition from bad to worse. Luckily Dr. Khullar’s treatment cured all my colitis in short time.





Hi Dr, Can I get by electronically way any copy from any of your books? Thanks in advance and regards from Mexico.
Ramon Sanchez

Dear Dr. Khullar,
Good work. Making easy for others to understand and use in practice. Please continue similar More.
Dr. Shashi Mohan Shrama

Respected Sir,
Thank you for sending me anxiety documents. Sir it’s a great work and very helpful for all, especially for beginners. Sir, I am highly obliged if u send me more documents like this. Sir, I request to include one difficult case, one rare or common remedy with significant symptoms.
Dr. GauravVerma

Dear Dr. Khullar
Very good work.I love to receive it .Hope you make it available for the students.

 Dear Dr. Khullar
Nice to hear from you after a very long time. Your complication on Anxiety is really very good. Keep up the good work. I would appreciate that you log on to my website also and send me your feedback and suggestions also.
With best wishes
Dr. A.K.Gupta

Dear Dr. Khullar
As per the work received, I’d like to congratulate you for the same. The work seems to be useful for the Homeopathic Fraternity, as the symptoms are obviously present in various repertories, but in a scattered format. Your work will be useful, as all the concomitants are readily in a comprehensive and arranged format.

So, I recommend you to kindly take the step ahead in the publishing of the book. If you would like to pursue this in an e-learning format, I recommend you to kindly contact the team of B. Jain and Radar, so that they can include your precious work in their esteemed software and e –learning project named “ENCYCLOPEDIA HOMEOPATHIC.
My regards are with you always and waiting in anticipation for your work.

Prof. (Dr.) PankajAggarwal

Dear Dr. Khullar
Sir it will be my great pleasure to receive and to learn from your wonderful research work. Sir please kindly forward your research work, looking forward to your mails.
Dr. PrasunBandyopadhyan

Dear Dr. Khullar
You have done a great job with big efforts. I appreciate it.
Dr. BrajeshSrivastav

Dear Dr. Khullar
You are doing great job. Keep it up and please keep sending updates.
Muktinder Singh

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