About us

We are a group of Doctors spread at different places of Delhi providing a comprehensive integrated medicine of homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, idiopathic, as well as life style management with integration of tongue & pulse reading.

The Team Includes

Dr. Chandra Mohan
Homeopathy Doctors DelhiSenior homeopath working in posh colony of south Delhi, Green park since last 45 years with a high repute in curing those surgical & post-surgical which were left out by most senior doctors. He holds his fame in his hands, which can detect disease through reading patient pulse. Everybody around as a well-known personality knows a humble & big-hearted elderly with charming smile of 65yrs of age. The sharpness of his brain in his small body makes him a renowned & respected man in his community. He had the privilege to treat the honorable president of India, “Zakhir Hussain”. He has a strong foot over ayurveda, tongue reading, pulse reading & homeopathy. He has been among the first batch of registered homeopathic doctors of Delhi. He has dedicated his entire life in treating his patients who had come with long-term chronic and incurable states of asthma, allergy, stones, cancer, heart attacks, and many more problems.

Dr. Lakshay Mittal
Homeopathic Doctor DelhiA humble doctor with his international repute. He has received “Appreciation award 2007” & “Yugvir Singh award 2008”given by the state government of India. He is a second-generation homeopath. He has patients coming from Germany, USA, U.K., Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Vietnam, London Paris, & Japan. He has worked with holistic group at Pennsylvania (USA), where his patients still remember him as a very good doctor in many stress related diseases like depression etc. He specializes in Idopathy, naturopathy, yoga, tongue reading and pulse reading. Dedicated to the service of mankind, he also pays part time in the poor by being parts of several trust like “Shyam Mandal” etc. He is working as a “Managing Trustee” with peace charitable public trust. He is a member of several homoeopathic societies where he plays active role. He has organized several integrated seminars and believes in bringing the allopathic system and homoeopathic system under one roof.

Dr. Sheetal Chopra
Homeopathic Doctor DelhiA very dedicated homeopath with sincere belief in homoeopathy system and a strong hand in her tongue reading. An all-rounder achiever in her college with several awards from different trust and society. She is a good writer with a strong knowledge of medicine that makes her famous for winning many awards like “Yugvir Singh in 2000”, “South Delhi Homeopathic society Appreciation award in 2004”. In addition, other societies have appreciated her performance during her studies by awarding her with several prizes. Such societies include “Progressive homeopathic society”, “Dr. B.R.Sur trust” where she obtained the first ever scholarship winner award of B.R.Sur trust of Delhi in 2001. She has always actively participated in social activity knowledge all-round the years by being the President of “Student Society”. She organized several social competitions in her college. After her college she worked in USA & has settled in south Delhi with a blooming practice.

Awarded By

- Appreciation award 2007
- Yugvir Singh award 2008