Degenerative & desolating condition of the joint with loss of snivel fluid and damage to the cartilage of the joints with the inflammation of the joints with fluent and muscles around the joints as a protective mechanism to prevent extreme damage. Arthritis can affect the big joints like knee joints, shoulder joints where it is referred as “osteo arthritis”. It can also affect the small joints like finger joints, toe joints where it is called rheumatoid arthritis. It is very painful and debilitating condition, which makes the person bounded to its chair. Medicines, which are of great help in arthritis are-

1). Causticm- When pain is better, in warmth, dam weather & in bed. They are worst in cold & dry weather. This comes with oversensivity & excitability.

2). Rhus tox. - When pains become worst on beginning to walk but soon on continuous walking, they become better. Such pains come in cold & dam weather.

3). Calcaria carc. - It is a constitution on remedy with deficiency of calcium in the body. Body is fat & flabby, the tendency to great sweat. Feet remains cold upto the knees as if person has put on dam socks.
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