Difficulty in breathing is referred as asthma. This always accompanies with a restlessness and craving for sweat. It can be of respiratory in origin where the bronchi tubes becomes narrow due to some other cause mainly of which comprise of the allergic factor or it can be cardiac in origin where heart is enable to throw good amount of blood with body causing deficiency of oxygen in the body. Remedies of great help in asthma are:-

1). Aconite- When asthma comes with restlessness, anxiety & fear. There is accompanying stress

2). Arsenic alb.- Great fear with desire for open air. Mental restlessness along with physical restlessness causing desires to change position from one position to other. This comes with craving for fresh air & thirst for small quantity at a time at a short interval.

3). Carbo veg.- Desire for open air with fanning desire person wants to be fant from a distance so that he can take fresh air inside its body.
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