Mind body relationship
It is said that the state of mind affects the body. Previously many physicians believed that mental health is different from physical being. They used to treat the parts neglecting the mental being of the person. It was the founder of homeopathy itself, Dr. Samuel Christian Fredrick Hahnemann who elaborated on the basic fact of mind and body as integrated part. After 250yrs the modern science has started believing that the body functions is surely affected by the mind of the person. For example when you are sad your appetite decreases, long term grief of more than five years affect the cell metabolism and reproduction causing cancer like conditions. Deep thinking leads to benign conditions of tumors. This is all because it is not only our external environment which acts as stimuli for the diseases but even our internal environment function as triggering factor. Why does every child does not get cold on changing whether and why among them a few only suffer from asthma? These all questions get their answer in this integrated function. This is where homeopathy has a strong edge over the allopathic system of medicines where depression, stress are treated in the person taking him as a whole. Today where the external environment is causing modern life style problems, homeopathy system comes as a bloom to us. So we homeopaths are always ready at your service to cure you at a whole and not to your body parts.

Why to opt for homeopathy
Many people ask why to go for homeopathic system? These following points will give answer to your question-

Mild & gentle- For no reason you can regard homeopathy as a harsh method of treatment. Be whatever be your illness and whatever be its stage, the treatment is always mild gentle. Homeopathic medicines when prescribed correctly produces only that much level of action in the body which is required to render the mind & body disease free. On the other hand even the smallest of the chemical medicines produces some or the other effect which disturbs the normal body function.
Free from side effects- Our treatment is very specific on the bodily constitutions and not on the type of disease, it depends on the mental, physical & regimn of the person. So only that specific medicine is given which the person requires. These specific remedies have one thing positive that they are free from side effects if chosen correctly by a good homeopath.
Cures in genetic inheritance- We all become ill because we have that inherited illness in us. Several members in same family may not suffer from the same illness but if seeing deeply their basis of illness is same, it may be named differently and that is the modern day life cell therapy where the umbilical cord blood is saved for several years to be used by that same person or even its siblings. So until & unless the inheritance basis is corrected, disease can never be cured it can only be treated. Its only homeopathy, which can look deeply at such inheritance and treated. But you should be lucky enough to have eyes of homeopaths for that.
Based on nature- All medicines in homeopathy are derived directly from nature. None are prepared chemically. Even the modern day man believes in returning back the nature for cure of the illness. Our medicines are all derived from plant, animal, insects & minerals. So that makes the homeopathy a natural science.

Your susceptibility
We are surely exposed from hundreds and thousands of bacteria around us. Few are useful but most of which are harmful. But not everybody falls ill. Here comes the susceptibility towards disease. In other science we believe that a healthy body on a good nutritious diet can never be ill but in homeopathy, we believe that until & unless our life force inside us is strong, which in other words is called vital force, we cannot be susceptible. This vital force is not only weakened by external regimn like diet, unhealthy living, etc. but even by internal factors that we inherit. Until & unless these inherited factors are not present vital force cannot be diseased or deranged but for triggering these tendencies we need a catalyst and external factors act as the catalyst to us in the form of mental depression, stress, work load, unhealthy living, non-nutritious diet. These internal factors are called “miasmatic factors”. Homeopathic remedies act by supporting the self-healing tendencies of the body for speedy recovery.

My Constitution
Every person is different because the tendences we inherit are different and the factors that influence in are different. Why a normal lady who suddenly felt in the hands of unbeatable depression by loosing her lovable husband and overlooked by her children develops cancer within 7yrs. This is because her inherited tendency was already there but it needed a triggering factor. It is not essential that the problem may come in the same form. The destructive tendencies can take any form in the form of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc. depending on the weak point and degree of exposure to stress. In homeopathy, a person constitution tells us about the health state, which includes the internal, and external acquired changes plus their temperament. So the medicine is chosen according to the constitution of the person where the remedial picture must match the symptom picture of illness in man. These are generally given between the acute state in order to strengthen the vital force and make it free from inherited problems slowly and steadily. So we say that homeopathy can treat the inherited problems slowly but it is only possible if you fall in the hands of a good homeopath only then.
Think over it.

How are remedies prepared?
You may be said by men that all remedies look same, the same small bottle of sweet pills, how are they different? The medicine is not the sweet pill but the drops that your doctor has added and these drops are different from each other although they look same. Homeopathic remedies are like the allopathic ones do not have the crud state in them. Taken from the crud form, they undergo a state of energizing called potentisation. This process releases energy released in the remedial mixture but a limited amount at each step.

The process of potentisation has two process involved, one is dilution and the other is energizing. Most of remedies that are used in homeopathy are in the state of activeness or even poisonous. To avoid the side effects, they are diluted and to make them powerful they are energized to great degree at each step. So after 60 potency, not even a single molecule of the original substance remains but this does not mean that the remedial action has gone. The base contains the remedial action in its same power and remains preserved for long time, as it is alcoholic in nature. The more it is potentised to energized the more is its strength and depth of action. That is why they can penetrate the energy phase of a body and cure even the inherit tendencies.
Think over it.

Since homeopathy is based on complete person detail, which includes the inherited conditions, also we homeopaths need to have a very close loop that your body, mind & soul, which we call vital force. This can only be done if we take a very detailed history of you and your background.

History includes- Body & mind

Physical well-being
General presenting problems
Physical conditions, weight, shape
Diet, desires & aversions
Thrust & thrust lessons
Sleep- Quality & effects

Previous medical history

History of injuries, illness since birth, drug prescription & consumptions

Family medical history

Inherit tendencies of allergies
History of diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart problems & others
Your routine checkups


Effect of climatic change
Desire for fresh air
Home environment- any dampness, pets, allergy product, smoke, pollution.
Amount of stress on daily routine

Temperaments- Anxious or relax
Emotion- Ability to overcome
Relation with others
Tendency of friendship, conflict, losing temper

Pass history

Childhood trauma
Friends & family relation
Impact of job, work, etc.
Legal problems

Management of life

Time management
Stress management
Financial planning
Routine development

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- Yugvir Singh award 2008